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A Well of Talent Marks the New Season For Savage’s Staff

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You heard it coming, haven’t you?
With the pinging of each aluminum bat, the slapping sound of the ball reaching a glove, every patron strolling through the Mesa Parking Structure has sensed its arrival.
The 2004 NCAA baseball season for UCI will start tomorrow at Pepperdine and only one poignant word can describe this team: depth.
The position players are stacked deep in every position. Every player has shown in practice that they must be versatile defensively to potentially break into the lineup.
And that pitching staff?
Anchored by juniors Brett Smith and Glenn Swanson, the utterly talented pitching staff is signature Savage.
Smith and Swanson have earned their positions on the mound while sophomore Chris Nicoll showed us last year what he was honing. And the freshmen? Justin Cassel comes with the ability to throw three pitches for strikes while lefty David Huff boasts a four-pitch repertoire with deception at ease.
So in an any given week of competition, opponents will likely see the likes of Swanson, Smith and Huff on the mound during the weekend