Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Submit A Tip/Pitch:

Those looking to submit a tip or pitch can reach out to the respective section found on our Contact page. All other inquires should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief at or Managing Editor at

Op-Eds and Letter to the Editor:

The Opinion section accepts writing from members of the community. Those submitting a piece must have an affiliation with UCI or the UC to have your submission published under New University.

• An op-ed can be about any topic of your choice and fall under the word count limit of 500 to 1000 words.

• A letter to the editor should be 500 words or less and must address a topic brought up by the New University.

For all pieces, please include supporting materials for any facts you cite that are not common knowledge – through links from reputable websites. Please include your name, year, major and phone number. If you are not a student, please include your affiliation with UCI.

The Opinion editors and Copy team reserve the right to edit pieces for length and clarity. We only accept anonymous submissions on a case-to-case basis and do not re-publish pieces from other publications. You can email all opinion pieces for consideration by the Opinion editors to The New University never guarantees the placement or publication of submitted content, nor do we take down articles.

All questions and inquiries should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief or Managing Editor. Thank you for your interest in our publication.