Wednesday, December 7, 2022


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How Carceral Punishment and Policing Failed America’s Working Class

Ultimately, it’s up to the United States government to correct these wrongs, but considering their track record with incarceration policy, they cannot be trusted to make the changes necessary for a better, safer America.

Politicians Must Be Held Accountable for the Club Q Shooting and Many More LGBTQ+ Deaths

These politicians may not be the ones holding the gun, but they hide their hatred behind religion and motivate the ones who do.

The Future of the Metaverse Is Not Zuckerberg’s Meta

Zuckerberg’s Meta is simply not the metaverse people want, and it is not the metaverse that technology in the foreseeable future can enable.

Digital Filmmaking Minor Dissolved After Years of Student Resistance

The UCI arts department has dissolved the Digital Filmmaking Program at UCI per a vote taken during fall quarter. For the past several...

Trump Stopped the Red Wave by Damaging Republicans’ Reputation

Despite voter anxiety regarding Democrats’ ability to lower inflation, the Red Wave never happened. 

Daylight Saving Time Harms Students

For most people, especially students preoccupied with heavy workloads, the debate regarding daylight saving time (DST) is hardly engaging. It was simply customary that we set our clocks back one hour at 2 a.m. on Nov. 6, and will move it forward again on March 13 of next year.

The Assault on Megan Thee Stallion and Other Black Women Is Not a Joke

On July 12, 2020, famous rapper Megan Thee Stallion was allegedly shot by rapper Tory Lanez after a pool party hosted by Kylie Jenner.

Call of Duty, Marvel and the Military-Entertainment Complex

The military-entertainment complex describes the relationship that the United States Department of Defense (DoD) has with many entertainment companies.

Republicans’ War on Information Costs Lives

Petitioners have been making their rounds on Ring Road at UC Irvine recently, attempting to lure students into signing their newest petitions.

The UC System Must Concede to Its Workers

It is time for the University of California (UC) to start compensating its graduate student workers properly.

What Kanye’s Antisemitism Proves About Corporate America

Brands have started to pull the plug on supplying famous rapper Kanye West’s products after he made anti-Semitic remarks on Oct. 8.

Rishi Sunak Will Not Save the Conservative Party From Unpopular Leadership

Unfortunately, the UK’s newest PM, Rishi Sunak, will not ease citizens’ tension with Conservative leadership because he is no different from his unpopular predecessors. 




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