Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Society Needs to Be More Compassionate Towards the Homeless

Before we can properly address homelessness, we have to treat affected individuals with the same level of humanity, kindness and respect as everyone else. 

True Crime Media Glorifies Killers and Exploits Victims

The unethical, voyeuristic nature of true crime media exploits victims of heinous crimes. True crime media’s popularity has glorified and romanticized violence, desensitizing viewers and normalizing dangerous behavior.

Social Media Has Encouraged Misinformation and Performative Activism

While the prolific use of social media has been beneficial in spreading awareness about social causes, it has also negatively redefined the meaning of activism.

Reality Is Becoming a “Black Mirror” Episode With AI-Generated Music Covers

The public must refrain from employing AI technology to generate these covers as they cause severe problems for artists in the music industry and exacerbate the existing divide between fans and their beloved artists.

Blame Corporations for the Out Of Control Tipping Culture

Tipping has become far too common in the United States because of greedy corporations, and it’s time to change the tipping culture.

Farewell New U, Welcome The AntReader

Editor's Note: The following editorial letter was first published in the Spring 2023 Farewell Print Edition of The New University on the morning...

We Should Not be Giving Sister Cindy’s Preachings a Platform

Sister Cindy is never going to stop coming to campuses to spread Christian nationalism rhetoric. While she has every right to do so, it’s our responsibility to look away and not give a platform to bigotry.

Florida’s Legalization of Medical Discrimination Dehumanizes the LGBTQ+ Community

While the right to freedom of speech is vital, it does not surpass the importance of granting any individual the opportunity to safely seek and receive necessary medical care.

Why the Economy Should Not Be the Only Focus When Talking About Immigration

With an increasing number of people wanting to immigrate to the U.S., the discussion of an immigrant's role in our country has grown. This discussion often focuses on the relationship between immigrants and the U.S. economy.

The Dodgers’ Pride Night Is Selling Out the LGBTQ+ Community

The Dodgers had a chance to stand strong in the face of hateful conservative pressure and fell flat on their face.

The U.S. Government’s Legislative Shortcomings Are To Blame for Murdered Missing Indigenous Women

The lack of governmental initiatives addressing these systemic issues can be attributed to the deep roots of colonialism in U.S. history, which makes this crisis difficult to fully eradicate — but there are rising grassroots efforts that help. The Murdered Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW) movement has been a strong advocate for legal action and recognition against gender-based violence towards Indigenous women.

The Whitewashing of Yoga: Exclusion and Commodification in America’s Wellness Culture

The Western wellness industry has adopted practices from indigenous communities and turned them into commodified, luxury goods.




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