Friday, July 1, 2022

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Jenny Wang

Learning to be a Child Again: Saying Goodbye to UCI

On May 18, 2004, Arizona Diamondbacks ace Randy Johnson, at the tender age of 40 years and seven months, pitched a perfect game against the Atlanta Br

From the Wang Files: A Midseason Baseball Report

Just call us the UC Irvine Good Samaritans.

Balls & Strikes: the Anteaters, Jered Weaver, A-Rod & More

Major League Baseball beat reporter Mychael Urban is a portly red-headed man who once insinuated that I was a groupie.

From ‘With It’ to ‘Senior Listener’ at 22 Years-old

As the always-wise Homer Simpson says, 'I used to be with it, until they changed what 'it' was.'

The Bronx

To understand what the Bronx's live shows are like, one must resort to this statement: Sitting through three crappy opening bands

A Well of Talent Marks the New Season For Savage’s Staff

You heard it coming, haven't you?

Forgiveness, Yes. The Hall, No.

Peter Edward Rose was born 1941. He played baseball for the Cincinnati Reds, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Montreal Expos. He won the National L

‘Twas the Dawn after Thanksgiving

'Twas dawn after Thanksgiving, when all through the mall, Store managers were yelling, 'Answer the call!' The shoppers were crowded with their nose

Margaret Cho Starts Her Very Own Revolution

Margaret Cho connected with a whole generation of minorities with anecdotes of her upbringing. Slowly but surely she showed her audiences that she was

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