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Forced to Choose Between Two Evils

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By decisively ruling on Sept. 23 that ‘interference with impending elections is extraordinary and interference with an election after [absentee] voting has begun is unprecedented,’ the United States Court of Appeals removed the last barrier from the recall election to be held on Oct. 7.
At the time the New University went to press, three major candidates remain in the running to replace Governor Gray Davis (Arnold Schwartzenegger, Cruz Bustamante and Tom McClintock.) Rumor has it McClintock has promised to withdraw from the running if he is not leading in the polls one week before the election.
Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante and Governor Gray Davis are both guilty of playing the puppet to special interest groups, particularly the big Indian gaming casinos who have donated huge amounts of money to both campaigns. Davis has historically accepted dirty money from Indian casinos, giving in return less strict regulations on the casinos that are bribing him.
If not recalled, Davis has promised to appoint Native Americans to two of the three board member positions on the California Gaming Oversight Committee.
On Sept. 23, a court found Bustamante guilty of illegally using $4 million of donated money from Indian Casinos and other special interest groups and ordered Bustamante to return the money to the donors.
Besides Democrats spending dirty money that they have received from special interest groups, both have made racist, ignorant comments, alienating the minorities in our state.
At a Black Congressional Caucus meeting, Bustamante referred to the African-American members in attendance as ‘niggers,’ and only apologized when much of his offended audience began to leave the building.
Bustamante also endorses MeCHa, a militant Mexican nationalist organization whose motto is ‘For the race, everything. For those outside the race, nothing.’ His membership in this group also is disturbing, given the goal of the group: to forcefully ‘return’ California to Mexico. His support for MeCHa and his racist rhetoric has won him the support and endorsement of one of the world’s most infamous racist organizations . . . The Ku Klux Klan (KKK).
The KKK believes that if Bustamante were elected governor, his record of racism would open the floodgate to new racial hatred and violence, plunging California into bloody race wars reminiscent of the old South.
Bustamante is not the only Democrat in this election making his bigotry known. Davis stated on the first televised recall debate that anyone with an accent who can not properly say the name ‘California’ is not smart enough to govern this state. This is insulting not only to the foreigners who come to California and have made our economy so strong, but also to the existing citizens of California who have worked hard to ensure that a racial cosmopolitan exists in this state without the racial problems and civil rights violations that have plagued Dixie for years.
The recall election, according to Attorney General Bill Lockyer, has made California the laughing stock of the world.
I, for one, don’t see anything humorous in the citizens of this great state exercising our constitutional rights, replacing a racist governor who has created a $38 billion deficit, forcing thousands of companies out of California and thousands of people into unemployment.

Chonchol D. Gupta is a third-year mechanical engineering major.