Thursday, June 8, 2023


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Five Signs of UCI’s Budget Deficit

UCI's tight budget deficit has caused drastic changes in the administration's approach to maintaining the campus.

Raising Children: Suburban Life vs. Urban Life

The places where we grow up play a huge part in the people we become. We're all shaped by a combination of our parents' teachings and the environment

Universal Health Care is the Universal Solution

Maslow would fall over dead if he could see how we're living in America today. If you apply his famous 'hierarchy of needs' to Bush's national agenda

Excessive Costs of Living and Schooling at UCI

I've been thinking about putting out my shingle as a consultant lately. Back before I went back to school, I was a web developer and a database analy

Abortion Laws and The Fight for Life: Mother or Child?

Let's get one fact straight: I am pro-choice.

Letters to the Editor

I have to say that I was disappointed to read 'Students Back Albertsons Union Strikers' (Nov. 3)

Student Housing Problem is One for All to Solve

Cost, bedrooms, roommates, amenities

Fight to Take Back UCI from Campus Rabbits

We're losing the battle for UCI. To the rabbits, I mean.

Gay or Straight: Equal in Rights, Equal in Sex

Ever since the term homosexual came into being it cannot be denied that gay men have been continually fighting for equal rights. Now that same-sex mar

Letters to the Editor

Supermarket Strike, Proposition 54

Substantial Facts Screaming ‘Free Kobe!’

Ever since the Kobe Bryant rape case broke in July, I have paid scrupulous attention to all the details surrounding the saga.

Letters to the Editor

Bio Sci DegreeI was struck by the article on the struggles of completing a science degree.




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