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2022-23 ASUCI/AGS Election Results

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Editor’s Note: This is a breaking news story and it will be updated as the New University receives additional information. 

The Associated Students of the University of California, Irvine (ASUCI) and Associated Graduate Students (AGS) held their elections for the 2022-23 staff from April 4-8. The results for both student governments were released on April 20.

A 5% quorum passed to change ASUCI’s constitution. Reddit user u/IllustriousAside2866, who helped write the new amendments, explains that “the Constitutional referendum is a response to what happened two years ago when the College Republicans took over the ASUCI Senate, ignored students and used loopholes in the constitution to prevent students from holding them accountable.” The user posted in the UCI subreddit, a cohesive explanation regarding the changes.

This new amendment concerns how future recalls will be performed, updates ASUCI’s policies, and closes potential future loopholes. 

Two referendums were also included on the ASUCI election ballot; one asking undergraduate students to pay $1 every quarter to fund the New University, and one proposing  a student fee of $3 per quarter for the Womxn’s Center for Success. However, neither of these referendums passed since they failed to reach the 20% quorum requirement. 

Below are ASUCI’s board members for the 2022-23 school year:

PresidentSarah Semaan
External VPNini Wu
Internal VPPatrick Yang
Academic Affairs VPZachary Griggy
Student Services VPConnie Nguyen 
Student Advocate GeneralDeena Ayesh
At-Large SenatorJun Jang 
At-Large SenatorMariam Shenouda 
At-Large SenatorJaira Pamintuan 
At-Large SenatorCatherine Valle Meraz 
At-Large SenatorHasti Soutehkashan 
At-Large SenatorCyrus Ghias 
At-Large SenatorFrank Granda 
Biological Science SenatorCarmen Ramirez-Alonso
Biological Science SenatorNajwa Ellahib
Business SenatorAbdulkareem Benothman 
Engineering SenatorEugene Ouchi
Engineering SenatorAmin Mansouri Filestan
Humanities SenatorDilruba Asici
Information and Computer Science SenatorAnthony Reece Malone
Information and Computer Science SenatorVinny Carluccio
Pharmaceutical Science SenatorJack Bachoura
Physical Science SenatorZeinab Arafa
Public Health SenatorLucian Jackson Edwards
Social Ecology SenatorMegan Chang
Social Ecology SenatorElianna Stivi
Social Sciences SenatorMichelle Truong
Social Sciences SenatorLauren Melvin
Social Sciences SenatorBriana Solis
Social Sciences SenatorHunter MacKenzie 
Special Interest International SenatorThuan Tran
Special Interest Transfer SenatorNaja Christmas

As of May 15, two new candidates are running for senator: Jodi Lacangan as Arts Senator, Reilly McLoy as Nursing Science Senator. 

The AGS elections also featured a poll for a new committee along with the Merage Student Association Fee Referendum for increased funding for the MSA and Merage clubs. AGS’s only referendum failed due to a voter turnout of 12.6% when 20% of voters are needed. Below are the results for the 2022-23 AGS staff:

AGS PresidentReginald Gardner
Information and Computer Sciences Rep.Reginald Gardner
Humanities Rep.Sara Newsome
Non-MD Medical Representative Rep.Jessie Altieri
Medical Academics (Health Sciences/Non-AMS) Rep.Abhery Das
Social Ecology Rep.Cameron R. Wiley
Social Ecology Rep.Hannah Gorback
Social Science Rep.Zoë Miller-Vedam
Social Science Rep.Neil Kaplan-Kelly
Social Science Rep.Canton Winer
Social Science Rep.Daniel Tracht
Social Science Rep.Amelia Roskin-Fraze

As of May 15, there are currently no representative candidates for arts, biological sciences, education, engineering, and physical sciences.

Avi Gokool is a Sports Co-Editor. He can be reached at