Monday, March 20, 2023
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New Web Site Gives Shy ‘Eaters A Forum For Communication

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Following in the footsteps of successful Web sites like Friendster and, UCI students now have a new alternative:
The brainchild of fourth-year UCI students Nicole Cohrs, her twin sister Lisa Cohrs and Norweigan exchange student from the University of London Tore Opsahl, the site is exclusively for UCI students and registering for this site is only possible after providing a valid UCI e-mail address.
Like other Web sites of its kind, members are given the opportunity to post a profile and photo of themselves. Members may then use the search option on the site to look for other students with similar interests, or students with the same major or even students in the same apartment complex. Members can also send each other messages or check on current social or sporting events going on around campus.
Though the goal of isn’t necessarily to find your Anteater soul mate somewhere out there on the Web, it does offer an excellent opportunity for shy peers to meet other UCI students