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UFOs: Science Fiction or Reality?

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Look at the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… something out of the ordinary. The earthly skies become more surreal when UFOs fly into the blue yonder. UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are definitely out of this world, but may be not out of this universe. These strange flying objects have inspired pop culture, especially films such as “District 9” and “Independence Day,” and have inspired people and governments into further exploration of the weird and bizarre.

UFOs have frightened, flabbergasted, and amazed humans for centuries. But questions about their existence still remain: are UFOs light-years away from scientific reality or just hype?

Sightings of strange metallic disks may be odd, but believe it or not, sightings and reports of UFOs are common throughout human history. Ancient civilizations have observed strange flying objects in the heavens. For instance, the ancient Egyptians recorded tales of strange aerial vessels flying through the clouds. In the year 218 B.C., a plethora of sightings had been observed and recorded by ancient Romans.

Religious texts have illustrated a bizarre portrait of UFOs as well. According to some UFO enthusiasts, the Bible, particularly in the Book of Ezekiel, illustrates a mysterious flying object flying and landing on Chaldea, a place in modern-day Kuwait. In addition, some religions actually praised and welcomed UFOs; religious groups treated UFOs as supernatural beings, angels, prophecies or religious omens.

After the eras of ancient civilizations, UFO observations become more apparent around the world; people in European countries like Germany noticed strange flying objects during the fifteenth century. UFO sightings even appeared during times of war. In World War II, Allies and Axis pilots photographed and witnessed metallic spheres, enlightened balls, and strange shapes following them. Pilots from both sides establish the term “Foo Fighters” to describe the strange phenomena or UFO surrounding their planes (from which the popular rock band took its name).

If witnessing a UFO isn’t bizarre enough, some people claim to be abducted by these weird flying saucers. Miyuki Hatoyama, the wife of Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, explained that one night 20 years ago, her soul had been abducted by a UFO and travelled to Venus (after which her soul returned).

Are these UFO sightings and claims logical and scientific? Studies conclude that most of the UFO reports involve a real but conventional object, such as an airplane, weather balloon or astronomical body.

The UFO controversy calls the term “science fiction” into question. Who knows? Maybe these UFOs are signs of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. The truth is out there … somewhere.