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Navigating Self-Confidence and Imposter Syndrome With UCI’s Womxn’s Center for Success

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A lounge talk to discuss navigating imposter syndrome and developing self-confidence was held by the UCI’s Womxn’s Center for Success on Nov. 4. Lounge talks occur weekly with Dr. Shruti Mukkamala of the Counseling Center to talk through topics such as relationships, stress and burnout, communication issues, and coping strategies. 

Imposter syndrome is an internal, psychological experience in which one does not feel competent enough in comparison to their peers. As a result, one might feel undeserving of their success and accomplishments. In the lounge talk, participants were encouraged to share their own insights in regard to dealing with imposter syndrome in college. 

As a good number of attendants were first-generation students — who are the first among their families to attend a four-year college — many shared a common experience of comparing themselves to their peers and doubting their achievements. 

A 2019 study conducted by Brigham Young University found that 20% of college students experience impostorism. In the same study, it was determined that seeking social support from those outside of one’s academic program is a suited coping mechanism for such feelings. 

Mukkamala encouraged students in her talk to be mindful of their perceived emotions, noting that it is common to be confused during college.

The lounge talk continued by discussing how to develop self-confidence through a strengths exploration worksheet. Participants were asked to highlight strengths they identify with. The list included words such as empathy, open-mindedness, persistence, ambition and kindness. Mukkamala further emphasized the importance of recognizing one’s own strengths and using them to one’s advantage to improve self-esteem. 

More information about the Womxn’s Center for Success’ upcoming events can be found on their website

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