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UCI Students Take to University Hills to Trick or Treat 

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UCI students took to the streets in University Hills to reconnect with their inner child and trick or treat on Oct 31. 

On Monday night, Anteaters relieved their stress from midterms by bringing their cosplay dreams to life and taking part in the age-old tradition of going door-to-door to ask for free candy. Anime characters, princesses, villains and heroes alike shared the narrow sidewalks. 

Twain and Murasaki street temporarily became stomping grounds for a few college students, clad in costumes, trick or treating alongside younger children and teens. Many outgrew this activity long ago, but University Hills offers another chance for these newly-minted adults to be kids again.

Many homes were undecorated, but those that were had more than enough excitement to go around. The front yards were lit up with orange and red, scattered and littered with blow-up decorations and fog machines.

A particularly frightful home operated a make-shift haunted house out of a white tent. A line of young children waited eagerly for their chance to be scared. Another home set out a jug of water with paper cups to make sure that those in spooky spirits stayed hydrated throughout the night. 

Many homeowners waited on their porches and driveways to pass out candy, greeting visitors as they walked by. Some passed out handfuls of candy; others just one to two pieces of precious, sugary snacks.

Trick-or-treating as a college student seemed strange to some. Some people passed out candy, but the majority of residents were unfazed by the yearly tradition.

One trick-or-treater was third-year film and electronic media student at IVC Elliot Hughes, who dressed in a cloaked costume. He was accompanied by his girlfriend, a student at UCI, who wore an all-red bodysuit and cloak. The couple was dressed respectively as Marvel characters, Dr. Stange and Wanda.

Following closely behind a family with elementary-aged children, the pair acquired their candy. This was Hughes’s first year participating in the tradition of trick-or-treating in University Hills. It took him a moment to warm up to the fun.

“It felt a little weird being out trick or treating at this age at first. But, once I noticed the adults didn’t mind, and everyone was having a good time, I started to get more into it,” Hughes said.

There was more than enough candy and merriment to go around. However, as the night grew darker, and college parties began opening their doors, UCI students slowly trickled back to their adult lives. 

Asia Boyd is a Campus News Intern for the fall 2022 quarter. She can be reached at