Friday, July 1, 2022

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David Gao

Pokémon Jon Catches Them All

At first, fourth-year Jon Sahagian didn’t even like Pokémon. Everyone was trying to “catch ’em all,” precisely why he didn’t want to get involved in the fad. It was only afterward when he began to watch the TV show and play the games a bit when he had a change of heart. While others halted their quest, Sahagian took Pokémon fandom to a whole new level.

The Final Payoff Pitch: I Love You All

How does one adequately condense four years into 1,000 words? How do you capture the salient without missing out on the hilariously uncouth? It’s been one heck of a ride as Editor-in-Chief of the New University this year; here are some parting thoughts.

Turning the Mic Around

BROADCAST: The New U sits down with Mark Roberts to talk about the past, present and future of UCI Sports.

UCI is Always UCLA’s Coaching Farm Team, But Speraw’s Not Next

UCLA’s legendary Al Scates, who is the men’s volleyball version of John Wooden, has announced that he will be retiring after next season — his 50th year of service with the Bruins.

Bridging The Eras

WISDOM: Sean Madigan is the last remaining Anteater from the 2007 College World Series team.

Maxime Chupin Ruled Ineligible

NOPE: The NCAA rejects center Maxime Chupin’s bid to play at UCI; he will return to France this summer.

Piano Lesson Perils

If I had it in me as a first grader to hate Sun Yi-Qiang, I would have. But I was much too feeble, much too timid and much too innocent. So I feared him instead.

Eric Wise to Leave UCI

DEPARTURES: Star forward and two others to leave Anteaters, 2011-2012 team left without any seniors.

ASUCI Spring 2011 Elections: Meet Your Executive Board Candidates

The New University sat down with 11 of the 14 ASUCI executive board candidates to ask them about their platforms, strengths and qualifications.

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