Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Ryan Lombardini

Outfest Presents the Fusion Film Festival

Outfest is already one of the world's largest gay and lesbian film festivals and the largest film festival in Southern California. But 2004 marks Outf

KUCI Deejays Are Dedicated to Broadcasting Around the Clock

Most students know UCI has its own radio station and have probably even listened to it at least once. But there are less who know the station's locat

UCI Sailing Looks to Sail Course for a New Season

The sailing team has competed since its inception as one of the eight original varsity sports at UC Irvine in 1965. In the past 37 years, the UCI sail

The ‘Matrix’-esque ‘Returner’ is Action Packed

According to the official press release, ''Returner' combines the hyper real action of 'The Matrix' with the futurism of 'Minority Report.'' These com

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