Wednesday, April 17, 2024


America’s Fast Furniture Epidemic Must Be Solved

Ultimately, the consequences of fast furniture in the United States are dire when considering its long-term effects on both the environment and marginalized communities. The implementation of sustainable policies for corporations contributing the most to this crisis, along with consumers adopting sustainable personal practices and advocating for governmental change are the best approaches towards fixing this issue.

Family Content Creators Ruin Their Children’s Lives

Family content creators on YouTube rely on the exploitation and unnecessary exposure of their children to make a profit. Corporations like YouTube are dependent on the public for their income and, therefore, should have a responsibility to protect that public. Grossly displaying children on YouTube, where the most popular channels have millions of viewers, violates this responsibility. YouTube facilitates child exploitation by rewarding these channels with advertising revenue and subscriber milestone rewards. 

More Than Cesar Chavez: Remembering the Forgotten Leaders of the Farmworkers’ Movement

Dolores Huerta. Larry Itliong. Philip Vera Cruz. These forgotten leaders of the ‘60s farmworkers’ labor movement lie in the shadows while America honors Cesar Chavez Day on March 31. While Chavez’s contributions of leading one of the major organizations involved in the movement and working to negotiate labor contracts should not be forgotten, the efforts of these under-appreciated leaders of the movement must be recognized. Highlighting a singular individual with a problematic past isn’t entirely representative of the hundreds of farmworkers who made the movement what it was.

Discovering Myself With UCI’s West African Dance Group

Dance has always been a means to unify the African community, and its significance goes far beyond entertainment. The WADG graciously allowed me to participate in their weekly practice as they prepared for a performance at the Nigerian Association Conference that will be held from April 14-16.

Granting Gun Rights to Domestic Abusers Poses a Grave Threat to Womens’ Safety

United States v. Rahimi is now among many instances of the judiciary branch stripping away protections of marginalized communities in favor of protecting the rights of people from privileged backgrounds. This ruling directly puts the lives of women and children in danger against gun violence, raising the question of whether the Judicial branch is committed to protecting the rights of all citizens equally.

Popular Culture Doesn’t Adapt Black Culture, It Exploits It

From how we speak, to the music we listen to and the clothes we wear, many of the defining elements of American culture come from Black communities and creators. A commercialization of Black culture is happening with little to no benefit to Black creators. While Black communities face prejudice, others benefit from the exploitation of their culture. 

Gonzalez v. Google Proves the Need To Regulate Big Tech

Gonzalez v. Google, a court case currently pending a decision from the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), has the potential to change the entire landscape of the internet. The case centers around Section 230, a section of U.S. code passed through the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA). Section 230 has protected social media companies from legal action against third-party content posted on their platform, essentially shielding these corporations from having to regulate user content. This has caused an explosion in false information and dangerous extremist views.

Fox News’ Integrity Is on the Line, and So Is $1.6 Billion

Dominion Voting Systems’s $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox News has seen new filings that have positively turned the tide for the prosecution.

The Philippines’ Historical Revisionism Reflects A Growing Global Erasure of Facts

Following the 2022 Philippine elections and the rise of the Marcos family to power, a bigger issue has been spotlighted within the Filipino community: historical revisionism or the reinterpretation of historical events.

Unsustainable Mining Is Driving the Electric Vehicle Boom

As the demand for electric vehicles increases in first-world countries, the race to obtain the necessary materials to manufacture them has damaged the environment and disrupted entire communities. Rather than focusing solely on the benefits of the final product, it is crucial to ensure the entire production cycle of electric vehicles is economically friendly.

The Mass Media Promotes Mass Shootings

It’s a vicious cycle that we’re all too familiar with, and the mass media contributes to it by sensationalizing mass shootings.

Utah’s Ban on Gender-Affirming Care is Harmful

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed a bill that prevents healthcare workers from providing transgender youth with hormonal treatments or sex characteristic surgical procedures on Jan. 28.




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