Saturday, December 2, 2023


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Discussing the Accessibility of Manifestation Music with Ashley Sienna

20-year-old dark pop singer-songwriter Ashley Sienna has taken the Internet by storm with a new genre of music she calls “manifestation music.” First...

UC Irvine Men’s Soccer Wins Big West Conference In Dramatic Penalty Shootout Over UC Davis

Number two seed UC Irvine Men's Soccer defeated number four seed UC Davis in a penalty kick shootout to capture their fifth Big...

UCI Men’s Soccer Advances to Big West Final with 2-1 Thriller Win over UCSB

Number two seed UC Irvine men's soccer advanced to the Big West Conference finals after defeating number three seed rivals UC Santa Barbara...

New Faces Mark a New Era for UC Irvine Men’s Basketball 

Editor's Note: This article has been updated for grammar and clarity. The 2023-24 Men’s Basketball season marks the start of a new era for...

Get Into a Spooky Groove This Halloween With Four New Flicks

So far the 2023 horror movie lineup has been a blood-curdling fright that gets audiences paranoid about evil spirits and paranormal events for...

UCI’s Game Design and Interactive Media Major: A Good Launch Point into a Demanding Yet Rewarding Industry

UC Irvine began offering the Computer Game Science major to students in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) in...

ASUCI Welcomes Students to Campus With Annual APAD Concert

ASUCI hosted Aldrich Park After Dark (APAD) with performances by Tavesta, Keisun Lucwith and Jaren Uch, JOYRYDE and Young Nudy on Sept. 26....

The Legacy of Bollywood’s Baadshah: Shah Rukh Khan

Born into a middle-class family in New Delhi, India, Shah Rukh Khan, known by his initials SRK, was an academically brilliant child and...

Ethnic Studies Should Be a Nationwide Graduation Requirement

Making ethnic studies courses a nationwide graduation requirement will challenge students to think critically about the institutions and policies that marginalize people of color.

UCI Students Speak Out Against Professors Unwilling to Adhere to Disability Accommodations

UCI’s Disability Services Center (DSC) exists to provide accommodations to students with disabilities. Students registered with the DSC have access to benefits including...

Society Needs to Be More Compassionate Towards the Homeless

Before we can properly address homelessness, we have to treat affected individuals with the same level of humanity, kindness and respect as everyone else. 

True Crime Media Glorifies Killers and Exploits Victims

The unethical, voyeuristic nature of true crime media exploits victims of heinous crimes. True crime media’s popularity has glorified and romanticized violence, desensitizing viewers and normalizing dangerous behavior.