Thursday, June 8, 2023


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New EP and CD Releases

For a long time now, Jay-Z has been dropping hints that he is going to retire after his 10th album. With all the hype that has surrounded his entire c

The Starting Line

Dirty blond floppy hair, a skinny frame and wide, unassuming eyes

KUCI Deejays Are Dedicated to Broadcasting Around the Clock

Most students know UCI has its own radio station and have probably even listened to it at least once. But there are less who know the station's locat

Margaret Cho Starts Her Very Own Revolution

Margaret Cho connected with a whole generation of minorities with anecdotes of her upbringing. Slowly but surely she showed her audiences that she was

‘The Cooler’ Is Underground Vegas

Ever wanted to see the insides of the Vegas casino life or wondered why the house always wins no matter what? According to 'The Cooler,' the answers a

Myers Is the Cat In the Hat

'The Cat in the Hat,' the children's book written by Dr. Seuss in 1957, has been recently updated, complete with product placement and CGI graphics. U

Priestly: From ‘90210’ to Now

Jason Priestly was born on August 28, 1969 in Vancouver, Canada.

112 Makes It ‘Hot and Wet’

What do you do when you've made three double-platinum albums? That's easy, you go for a fourth.

Independent Artists Galore in ‘Paste Magazine’

I resolved to remove Jason Mraz from my CD player for only a moment in order to test drive the music sampler that came with the October/November 2003

There’s More to Hoobastank Than Bagels

If you see free bagels on Hoobastank's tour bus, don't eat them

‘Sweeney Todd’ Makes the Cut

The name Sweeney Todd will ring in your ears for quite a long time if permitted.

Chain Reaction

There aren't very many venues in Orange County that cater to the underage crowd. But for the youth, fortunately there's Chain Reaction




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