Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Vernon Ng

DOS Policies Uphold Free Speech

Almost one year after a cardboard wall constructed by the Society of Arab Students was burned down and a mural erected by the Tagalog and Pilipino Stu

Erdman’s ‘Nine Hills’ Pleases With Unique Approach

Sarah Erdman's debut novel 'Nine Hills to Nambonkaha' is characteristic of good literature, beginning in birth and ending in rebirth. This book is hig

‘Soul Plane’ Doesn’t Take-off

You dash into the lavatory and fall onto the toilet after eating a bubbling mass of beef stroganoff-airplane style. After bubbling back out your strog

The Youth of the Nation

Hey nerds: remember the three-fifths clause in American History class? If you don't, basically, the value of a black man's vote was raised from nothin

Aneater Architecture

Jennifer is interested in architecture. She become visibly excited upon the mention of campus architecture; she begins to speak more rapidly and begin

Vandalized Mural Found in Trash

Board shards and a PVC frame were all that were left of a mural displayed by the Tagalog and Pilipino Studies collective, when members found it next t

Governor Proposes Major Cuts for UC

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a $372 million cut in funding to the University of California which will result in dramatic fee increases for stu

Thanksgiving Traditions

With Christmas trees popping up in October, who has time for Thanksgiving?

Universal Health Care is the Universal Solution

Maslow would fall over dead if he could see how we're living in America today. If you apply his famous 'hierarchy of needs' to Bush's national agenda

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