Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Trista Lara

True Crime Media Glorifies Killers and Exploits Victims

The unethical, voyeuristic nature of true crime media exploits victims of heinous crimes. True crime media’s popularity has glorified and romanticized violence, desensitizing viewers and normalizing dangerous behavior.

Social Media Has Encouraged Misinformation and Performative Activism

While the prolific use of social media has been beneficial in spreading awareness about social causes, it has also negatively redefined the meaning of activism.

Florida’s Legalization of Medical Discrimination Dehumanizes the LGBTQ+ Community

While the right to freedom of speech is vital, it does not surpass the importance of granting any individual the opportunity to safely seek and receive necessary medical care.

The U.S. Government’s Legislative Shortcomings Are To Blame for Murdered Missing Indigenous Women

The lack of governmental initiatives addressing these systemic issues can be attributed to the deep roots of colonialism in U.S. history, which makes this crisis difficult to fully eradicate — but there are rising grassroots efforts that help. The Murdered Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW) movement has been a strong advocate for legal action and recognition against gender-based violence towards Indigenous women.

Cal State Long Beach Is a Threat to Puvungna

Puvungna cannot be utilized for its traditional, sacred purposes when CSULB consistently exploits their authority to take advantage of the site. They have consistently advanced their own agenda by overrunning Puvungna, which shows their disregard for the site and Native American culture. 

The Equal Rights Amendment is Essential to Gender Equality

However, the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause is not a sufficient substitute for a robust Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and misconstruing it as such only endangers women’s rights. Ratifying the ERA is integral to women’s rights in the United States as it ensures constitutional protection against sex discrimination; the proposed amendment is a vital piece to gender equality that has long been undermined.

“Greenwashing” Impairs Understanding of True Environmental Activism

The greenwashing agenda is exploitative of consumers’ well-intended efforts to live more sustainably for the sole purpose of capital gain, which leads to a misinterpretation of environmentalism as a whole. 

America’s Fast Furniture Epidemic Must Be Solved

Ultimately, the consequences of fast furniture in the United States are dire when considering its long-term effects on both the environment and marginalized communities. The implementation of sustainable policies for corporations contributing the most to this crisis, along with consumers adopting sustainable personal practices and advocating for governmental change are the best approaches towards fixing this issue.

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