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Sebastian Suarez

Worldwide Drug Crises Have No Clear Solutions in Sight

Currently, the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, is in an anti-drug crusade that echoes the expression “the end justify the means,” or in his words, “I have a duty to preserve the [next] generation. If it involves human rights, I don’t give a shit.”

New Director of UCI’s Disability Center: Karen Andrews

By Sebastian Suarez A blissful smile spreads across her cheeks and exposes perfectly bright teeth, and a pair of blue-framed glasses grant her clear vision....

Cal Poly’s Ban on Greek Life is Unfair Punishment

No other aspect of college life has captivated America’s morbid fascination more than fraternities, organizations veiled in an aura of mystery and elitism that offer society an easy scapegoat for the problems that have tormented universities for decades, if not centuries.

To Decrease Hostility, College Republicans Should Rethink Their Approach

Political violence might be a novelty to most people living in the United States, but it was and is a reality to the rest...

Removing Humanities from Universities Undermines the Purpose of College

Years ago, when I heard friends complaining about the amount of readings that humanities classes required, I thought that I was fortunate for not...

Prop 57: Letting Californian Sex-Offenders On The Loose

Initially, Proposition 57 seemed to be a feasible solution to California’s prison overcrowding. It promised that nonviolent offenders would be offered parole if they...

CNN’s Olympic Controversy Highlights a Failure in Journalism

When the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics started on Feb. 9, there was some expectation that the next move of rogue state North Korea would...

Sports in Brief

Women's Indoor Track and Field Last Saturday The UC Irvine women’s indoor track & field team finished its participation in the final day Don Kirby...

The Different Faces of UCI Student Activism

Sometimes, I say to myself, with a cynical tone, that college society is merely a simulation of the “real” and intimidating world that awaits...

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