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Skylar Paxton

Encampment Day 3: doctor from Gaza plans to visit, police presence lessens and pro-Israel protesters arrive

Two full days have passed since UCI community members launched a Gaza Solidarity Encampment in protest against the university's investments in companies financially supporting...

UCI community launches encampment protest to demand divestment from Israel

Members of the UCI community joined encampment protests seen at universities across North America, demanding UCI leadership divest from companies and institutions supporting Israel’s...

We Should Not be Giving Sister Cindy’s Preachings a Platform

Sister Cindy is never going to stop coming to campuses to spread Christian nationalism rhetoric. While she has every right to do so, it’s our responsibility to look away and not give a platform to bigotry.

A Boba Worker Rant: How to Be a Bobablicious Customer

So, I’ve decided to bestow upon myself the responsibility of teaching all potential customers how to properly act at a boba establishment. After reading this guide, you will be able to walk confidently into a shop and make the workers talk about you behind your back with delightful positivity.

Don’t Ignore ASUCI’s Power to Make Change

It may seem unnecessary or unreasonable to think about ASUCI in the midst of a busy and stressful college life; however, supporting our student government members and ensuring that ASUCI administration hears our voices will benefit everyone in the long run. 

Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws Hypocritically “Protect the Youth” by Criminalizing Trans People

Tennessee governor Bill Lee signed Senate Bill 3, which seeks to ban  “adult cabaret entertainment” — including drag performers — from performing in public spaces, on March 2. While the bill has been hailed by some for protecting children from obscenity, the bill actually only serves to further stigmatize and endanger youths belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

Oh, You Think YOU Have It Tough? Try Being a STEM Major.

STEM students are better than all of you. I am better than all of you. Please recognize that so that I feel good about my negative eight hours of sleep and constant state of exhaustion-induced psychosis. 

The Monterey Park Shooter Being Asian Does Not Invalidate the Reality of Rising Violence Towards Asian Americans

The shooter’s ethnicity shouldn’t have any impact on the perceived severity of his attack. 

Language Does Not Define Your Ethnic and Cultural Identity, You Do

It’s hard to remember when my inability to understand and speak Japanese really affected me. However, I do remember the dreadful promise I made to myself after my grandmother passed away and I saw my mother crying: “I have to learn Japanese, or else I will be a disappointment to my family.” I was 10 years old when I told myself this. 

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