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Utah’s Ban on Gender-Affirming Care is Harmful

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed a bill that prevents healthcare workers from providing transgender youth with hormonal treatments or sex characteristic surgical procedures on Jan. 28.

Heteronormativity Erases Lesbian Identity Development and Expression

The rhetoric that lesbian identities and relationships can only be understood through a heterosexual, gender binary lens is harmful and offensive. Ultimately, this perspective misconstrues the importance that certain terms, such as “masc” and “femme,” have in the lesbian community. The LGBTQ+ community and its allies need to adopt a more inclusive viewpoint on the subject and start accepting that lesbians can identify and express themselves in a variety of ways. 

Bookstagram Can Save and Kill Your Love of Reading

Bookstagram is an entity that both saved and destroyed my love of reading.

The Resurgence of the 2014 Tumblr Girl Aesthetic: Why We Should Tread With Caution

The year is 2014. You’re getting ready for your first day of school. You look into the mirror to see your black-and-white striped t-shirt, a pair of black Hollister skinny jeans and your favorite dirty, high-top converse. Of course, you top off the look with your favorite denim jacket. As you walk out the door, you throw in your earbuds, and “Robbers” by The 1975 blasts in your ears.

From the Comanche to the Anteater: How Mascots are Influential Shapers of Identity

The year is 1965 and 900 of UCI’s 1,589 students are attending a water polo game against Cal Poly Pomona, UCI’s first ever on-campus athletic event. Roll-out party favors are handed out to the crowd and cheerleaders yell, “Give ‘em a tongue!” UCI wins the game by a landslide, and soon after, the Anteater is voted in as the school’s official mascot.

Climate Change and Flood Mismanagement’s Contribution to California Winter Storms

Even without climate change intensifying California’s storms and floods, the California government needs to make changes such as constructing new places to hold floodwater in order to better control floods and using such water more efficiently during periods of drought. 

Digital Filmmaking Minor Dissolved After Years of Student Resistance

The UCI arts department has dissolved the Digital Filmmaking Program at UCI per a vote taken during fall quarter. For the past several years,...

Mexico’s Patriarchal Culture is in Dire Need of a Change

18-year-old law student Debanhi Escobar disappeared after partying in the outskirts of Monterrey, Mexico, on April 9. On April 21, Escobar’s body was found...

For The Sake of American Democracy, Justice Clarence Thomas Should Recuse Himself

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas faced backlash from the public following the disclosure of text message exchanges between his wife and conservative activist, Virginia...

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