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Shattering barriers: social media’s disruption of traditional media narratives

Since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, more than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, with a majority of those killed being women...

Republicans Take Away the Rights of LGBTQ+ Americans in the Name of Christianity

In citing religion to censor the LGBTQ+ community, the Republican party is proving that they only care to uphold the Constitution when it advances their hateful values. 

Five Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Drive in Irvine

How else will you almost run people over on Ring Road? Or nearly scrape another car at intersections? Or nearly smash the back of your car while backing up through seven different spaces, to snag that one parking spot at the very end of the road, without alerting any other drivers by, say, honking or turning your blinkers on?

The Importance of Funding Disability Services on UC Campuses

Disability Services across the UC system are currently understaffed and underfunded, creating a large backlog of issues that causes great harm to students with disabilities across UC campuses. There needs to be a wave of support from elected officials, community leaders and student activists to push for increased funding for disability support services across the UC system.

Twitter’s Lack of Moderation Leaves Room for Harmful Communities

Twitter regulations are lenient and poorly moderated, and the site has acted as a refuge for harmful internet communities that have been removed from other platforms. 

Letter to the Editor, Re: “More Than Cesar Chavez” 

UCI was where I became active with the United Farm Workers in the late 1960s and contributed to the New University (‘72). I knew Cesar Chavez in his last 24 years, serving as his longtime press secretary and speechwriter for $5 per week plus room and board, the same “pay” Cesar received.

The Irvine 11: An Example of UCI’s Islamophobia Towards Campus Activism

The Irvine 11 and the interruptions of Yang’s discussion were both forms of disruption, yet, the reaction to the Irvine 11 was significantly harsher. This indicates UCI’s discriminatory reaction to student activism and free speech, which is based in Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism.

Family Content Creators Ruin Their Children’s Lives

Family content creators on YouTube rely on the exploitation and unnecessary exposure of their children to make a profit. Corporations like YouTube are dependent on the public for their income and, therefore, should have a responsibility to protect that public. Grossly displaying children on YouTube, where the most popular channels have millions of viewers, violates this responsibility. YouTube facilitates child exploitation by rewarding these channels with advertising revenue and subscriber milestone rewards. 

Discovering Myself With UCI’s West African Dance Group

Dance has always been a means to unify the African community, and its significance goes far beyond entertainment. The WADG graciously allowed me to participate in their weekly practice as they prepared for a performance at the Nigerian Association Conference that will be held from April 14-16.

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