Monday, June 17, 2024

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Natasha Aftandilians

End of an Era?: Natty Ice Reluctantly Graduates

Right now, I'm sitting in the hallway of the third floor of Gateway Commons. To my left is an empty conference room, dark and...

A Duel of Swords

Two warriors face each other; clad in white and masked in anonymity, they each brandish a sword, gripped tightly in their hand. Feet spread...

The ‘Bloom’ of Beach House

FLORAL: Beach House's fourth album is evident of a subtle evolution.

One Size Fits All: Beauty Doesn’t Always Have to Hurt

“Beauty is pain.” I’ve heard the saying a thousand times before; it’s often uttered to me before a pair of hell-bent tweezers come at my...

White’s All Black and Blue

SOLO: Usually surrounded by collaborators, Jack White takes a stab at solo work.

A Different Kind of Coachella

FESTIVAL: This year's Coachella was like a buffet featuring countless flavors.

Breaking (or Makin’) All the Rules: Basics Everyone Needs

  Fashion is a complicated world. On the one side, you have a universe of free-thinkers and creative types who use every day as an...

One Size Fits All: The Dilemmas of a Fat Fashionista

There is something I think I need to disclose with you readers that I forgot to mention when I began this column. That is...

One Size Fits All: Fashion is an Art

Hi, my name is Natasha.  I’m 21. I like, amongst other things, “Lord of the Rings,” “Star Trek,” cats, being an accidental hipster asshole,...

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