Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Jacob Ramos

The Dodgers’ Pride Night Is Selling Out the LGBTQ+ Community

The Dodgers had a chance to stand strong in the face of hateful conservative pressure and fell flat on their face.

Round-by-Round NBA Playoff Predictions: East

represent the publication as a whole. The continuation of the series can be found at the bottom of each piece. As we enter the peak...

Round-by-Round NBA Playoff Predictions: West

Editor’s Note: This series is a representation of the writer’s personal views and does not represent the publication as a whole. The continuation of...

Fourth Quarter NBA Awards Predictions

As we enter the final quarter of the National Basketball Association (NBA) year, awards season is officially upon us.  In a year where storylines are...

How Carceral Punishment and Policing Failed America’s Working Class

Ultimately, it’s up to the United States government to correct these wrongs, but considering their track record with incarceration policy, they cannot be trusted to make the changes necessary for a better, safer America.

The UC System Must Concede to Its Workers

It is time for the University of California (UC) to start compensating its graduate student workers properly.

World Series Recap: Respect the Astros

After years of ridicule, the Houston Astros have been freed from the unrelenting jokes of Major League Baseball (MLB) fans. On Nov. 5, the Houston...

Affirmative Action Is Necessary for Racial Equality

On Oct. 31, the conservative majority in the SCOTUS expressed that they are ready to end race-based admissions into American universities.

Judging Your Halloween Costumes

Of course, with all of these pastimes of a Southern California Halloween comes the ultimate tradition of dressing up as a person you may or may not want to be in real life. Here is my rating on a scale of 1-10 of these festive Halloween outfits. 

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