Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Gregory Yee

A Year of Infinite Dreaming

As a child, I was captivated by the concept of infinity. I would sit in my backyard looking at the mountains that lay just...

Nadler’s Place Beyond

There’s something beautiful about the unraveling of time. It’s a slow march of impermanence, an exercise in letting go. To listen to any track on...

‘Too Far’ Is the Worst Book Ever

MAD: "Too Far," handed out for free across campus a few weeks ago, distinguishes itself as utterly awful.

Too Much Clarity on This Coast

VAPID: While the production value improves, Best Coast's latest album suffers for it.

Regents Debate Fee Increase

SYSTEM: The UC Regents joined student activists, lobbying politicians in Sacramento. By: Gregory Yee Staff Writer

Tulsa Barbecue Serves Up Tender Ribs in Orange Strip Mall

Address: 954 N. Tustin St. Orange, 92867. Cuisine: American Barbecue. Ribs. Price: $25 a person with tax and tip Hours: M - Th, 11am - 9:30pm. F,...

Inspections into Elections

Politics: ASUCI investigates claims of potential breaches of constitutional policy by several candidates. By Gregory Yee and Jessica Pratt Staff Writers

An Obsession With Blue

COMIC: “Sacré Bleu: A Comedy d’Art" is colorfully driven by a fixation on the color blue.

Seeking Peace in the ‘Wild’

RICH: Cheryl Strayed's novel is a monument to the enduring power of the human spirit.

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