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Emily Reiter

Emily’s 2004 List of Rock, Pop and Alternative Successes

I'm starting to listen to Christmas music. It scares me a little, because even now that Thanksgiving is over, it still seems a bit early.

Changing Our Music Tastes With the Change in Seasons

It's autumn in California. We had some rain, some wind and the nights are getting colder and colder.

When Your Favorite Band Makes It Big: Facing the Music

It can be very exciting when a new band comes on the scene and steals your heart with its debut or even subsequent albums. You feel as though you have

Evolution of a Rock Band: For Better or For Worse?

After the debut album introduces itself to the world of music, a band must commence creation of a follow-up. Sometimes that is the hardest thing of al

‘Cook’-ing Stand-Up Comedy at the Improv

Today in the world of entertainment, there are so many success-stories in music, film and other media whose subjects have little or no control over th

Cornered! A Weekly CD Review – “In Love and Death” by The Used

When The Used emerged in 2002 with a self-titled debut, the band was instantly adored by nearly all outlets of musical analysis. In preparing for thei

What Are They Feeding the Kids In Arizona These Days?

I guess Republican Sen. John McCain and my cactus-pride roommate are not the only Arizonians stirring things up. It appears that a plethora of bands m

An Example of Why Live Albums Are Better Than Studio Albums

Ah, another school year is upon us. Who's excited? Well, if it just so happens that you are not completely thrilled for your upcoming lectures and om

Paste Magazine: ‘Signs of Life In Music and Culture.”

Well, everyone, the final stretch of the 2003-2004 school year is upon us, and this means the end of the line for Alternative Newsstand. For the gran

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