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Eashan Kotha

“This Thing Called Love”

In the weeks leading up to Friday, September 29; equipment troubles plagued the Irvine Barclay Theater. However, everything was up and running in time for the first performance of the theatre’s 28th season.

MFA Thesis Exhibitions Round 2

The second part of the MFA Thesis Exhibitions debuted on May 20, and works from artists Rachel Borenstein, Niloufar Emamifar, Miranda Javid, Joshua Ross and Eva Słapa went up on display.

Deadpool Redefines Marketing

“Deadpool,” after languishing for years in development, was finally brought to the silver screen in early 2016. At the time, few would have predicted the critical and financial success it would garner, given that it was an R-rated film and February has long been considered a dumping ground for less-than-buzzworthy studio releases.

The Distinctive Works of UCI’s MFA Artists

  On April 28, the first part of the MFA Thesis Exhibitions, comprised of works from artists Sasha Bergstrom Katz, Kim Garcia, Amy Mackay and...

UCI Creates a Successful Learning Environment for Students

UCI has continually attracted a lot of prospective students, partially because of the resources the campus provides as well as its general atmosphere. The...

Campus Highlight: The University Art Galleries

The University Art Galleries premiered three new exhibitions on Jan. 13 which will be open for visitation until Feb. 10. These exhibitions explore a...

WTF: Where’s the Feedback?

With the conclusion of every quarter comes a flurry of emails and reminders from professors and mailing lists to complete end-of-quarter evaluations. Unfortunately, most...

The Relevance of Adult Cartoons in Pop Culture

Adult cartoons like “Bojack Horseman,” “Bob's Burgers,” and “Rick and Morty” have cemented the genre as an essential vessel for pop culture references and...

The Stakes of the Disney-Fox Merger

In a landmark deal, the recently completed $52.4 billion dollar merger of Fox by Disney marked a further consolidation of the large content networks....

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