Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Muslim Student Union Holds Mental Health Awareness Week

UCI’s Muslim Student Union (MSU) held its annual Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) from Jan. 30 to Feb. 4. The week was organized to...

“The Bachelor” And Why The Model Minority Is Not A Model To Follow

It’s Season 24 of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” which entails the usual drama and intense engagement from the show’s loyal fans.

Give Justice To Weinstein’s Victims

Harvey Weinstein’s defense team recently cross-examined Jessica Mann, who accused Weinstein of raping her in 2013. Weinstein was a prominent film director in Hollywood...

Kaitlin Bennett’s Call of Duty: Why It Stinks

While filming a video for her YouTube channel, “Liberty Hangout,” at Ohio University on Feb. 17, Kaitlin Bennett was met with a scathing crowd...

Polarization Of Political Opinion Spurring Political Violence?

Emergency dispatchers received a call from co-workers at the Florida Turnpike in Metro, Orlando, saying that Mason Trever Toney stabbed and killed his boss, William Steven Knight, with a trowel over a political debate.

Getting to Know UCI’s DREAM Center: An Interview With Interim Director Dr. Angela Chen

Chen’s experience as a formerly undocumented student has largely informed her career-long commitment to serving the undocumented community.

The Unhappy Meal Needs More Backlash

Taking advertising to its natural conclusion, Burger King has done away with any moral pretenses and announced late capitalism's magnum opus: the Unhappy Meal.

Taken (Out of Context): Stop Condemning Liam Neeson

n February 2019, during an interview with The Independent to promote his movie “Cold Pursuit,” actor Liam Neeson recounted an event from over 40 years ago where his close female friend was raped by a stranger who was only identified as a black man.

Satire: White House Elated That Golf Scandal Now In Spotlight

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke to the press April 2, expressing her excitement over the public shifting focus toward President Donald Trump’s golf cheating scandal and away from the very serious controversies that he and his administration are embroiled in.

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