Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Katie Porter Talks Platform After Appearance at Early Voting Event

Katie Porter, the Democratic candidate for the 45th Congressional District, cast her ballot while participating in Early In-Person Voting at UCI alongside Olympic figure...

Irvine city council candidate drops off 86-year-old mother to panhandle at UTC and Laguna Beach

Irvine city council candidate David Chey was caught on camera leaving his elderly disabled mother on a city sidewalk in Laguna Beach to panhandle...

First West Nile Virus Death in Orange County Reported in Tustin

Orange County Health Care Agency officials confirmed the first human death this year due to West Nile Virus (WNV) in the Orange County area...

Irvine Police Department Begins Drone Operations

The Irvine City Council voted 4-0 for the Irvine Police Department's (IPD's) establishment of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) on Sept. 25. Following program...

People Nationwide Receive Cell Phone Wireless Emergency Alert Test

By Aneesah Akbar A new wireless national emergency alert system was tested on Wednesday, October 3rd. Cell-phone users received the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA)...

Assemblymember Tony Thurmond Hosts College Affordability Town Hall

Assemblyman Tony Thurmond hosted a "College Affordability Town Hall" at UC San Diego that was broadcast live to nearly 200,000 voters across San Diego...

Midterm Election Polls in CA-45 Show Katie Porter in Slight Lead Against Mimi Walters

Recent polls in District 45 conducted by GBA Strategies, the New York Times, the Global Strategy Group and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)...

Recap: Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh Testifies Against Sexual Assault Allegations

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh appeared at Capitol Hill on Thursday for a hearing to testify against sexual assault allegations made against him by Dr. Christine Ford.

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