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Camelia Heins

More Than Cesar Chavez: Remembering the Forgotten Leaders of the Farmworkers’ Movement

Dolores Huerta. Larry Itliong. Philip Vera Cruz. These forgotten leaders of the ‘60s farmworkers’ labor movement lie in the shadows while America honors Cesar Chavez Day on March 31. While Chavez’s contributions of leading one of the major organizations involved in the movement and working to negotiate labor contracts should not be forgotten, the efforts of these under-appreciated leaders of the movement must be recognized. Highlighting a singular individual with a problematic past isn’t entirely representative of the hundreds of farmworkers who made the movement what it was.

The Philippines’ Historical Revisionism Reflects A Growing Global Erasure of Facts

Following the 2022 Philippine elections and the rise of the Marcos family to power, a bigger issue has been spotlighted within the Filipino community: historical revisionism or the reinterpretation of historical events.

Celebrity Parasocial Relationships: The Popular Rise and the Mental Downfall of the Consumer

In the era of social media, it is easier than ever to interact with celebrities and influencers online. With the rise of fandoms —...

We Need Media Representation, but Not in the Way You Think

For people of color (POC) and other marginalized groups, representation in the media can often follow stereotypes and perpetuate harmful ideas. In a society...

We Need to Recognize the Commodification of Artists

Japanese American indie music artist Mitski — full name Mitski Miyawaki — recently discussed the downfalls of being an artist in an interview with...

We Need to Prioritize Public Transportation

Public transportation fares are making a comeback in Los Angeles after being eliminated in March of 2020. Now, two years into the pandemic, residents...

The Effects of Colonial Mentality Are Long-Lasting on Filipino Youths

For many cultures around the world who have been impacted by colonialism, the effects are still long-lasting on their youth. One of these effects...

Generation Zine: Why the Revival of Zine Culture Is Crucial Today

Haven’t you heard? Zines are back. Whether they’re in classrooms or online through social media platforms, zines have reentered the mainstream — and their...

The Childless Generation: The Consequences of Opting out of Having Children

Having children has become an increasingly controversial issue for Gen Z and millennials as more and more young adults decide not to. Though it’s...

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