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Anam Siddiq

Best of Overheard @ UCI

“It’s way better than the Bible, dude. It’d take you so long to read the Bible. You know how long it takes you to...

Quailman’s Queries

How well do you know the 1990s? Take this quiz and test your abilities!

Quailman’s Queries

How well do you know the 1990s? Take this quiz and test your abilities!

Quailman’s Queries

How well do you know the 1990's? Take this quiz and test your abilities!

A Voice for the Voiceless

Sara Farsakh frantically scribbles notes on the sides of her paper, adding names and places as they come to mind. Behind her, a friend massages her shoulders like she would a boxer about to enter the ring with her toughest yet most anticipated opponent. Farsakh just spent most of the previous day and half the night debating whether she will be able to share this story in public and dreading the path her emotions might take should she choose to do so. Her decision made, all she can do now is stare at the floor and focus intently on keeping her intentions and emotions in check as she waits for the introduction to her first public speech in years. With a few deep breaths and a couple mutters of "bismillahi rahmani rahim" (I begin in the name of Allah, most beneficent, most merciful) under her breath, she begins...

Bollywood Comes to UCI

It has been deemed one of the greatest love stories of all time, and the chemistry between the film's on-screen couple remains the stuff of legends. Its massive box office success has spawned many remakes in the years since its original 1995 release, but none could truly capture the beauty of the original film, nor the sheer size of its fan base. The film is the Indian "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge," loosely translated as "Those of Heart Will Take the Bride," the mid-1990s blockbuster which, 13 years later, is the longest-running film in Indian cinema, setting the record in April 2007 when it celebrated a whopping 600 weeks of continuous play in Mumbai theaters while continuing to provoke massive outbreaks of swooning among generations of South Asian women. In fact, rumor has it that there is still a theater in India that plays the film every week to a packed house.

Coulter Causes Controversy

SPEAKER: Ann Coulter's view on presidential candidates and the Iran conflict provokes outcry from campus.

Clinton, McCain and Obama Reach Out to Asian-Americans

ELECTIONS: 2008 candidates communicate via live video feed, phone and representative at Bren.

Police Dispatcher Not Charged for Posting Photos on Gay Porn Web sites

POLICE: Photographers affiliated with police department not to face charges; dispatcher still on paid leave.

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