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New University welcomes its 2024-25 Editorial Staff

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As of May 28, 2024, New University has officially named its 2024-25 Editorial Board and Editorial Staff. This year, the publication will officially split the board and staff, signifying both seniority and positional representation for next year’s New University editorials.

Leading the paper into the next year is returning Editor in Chief Laiyla Santillan ’26, who is so focused on running the paper that her only fun fact was her major. Joining her at the helm are co-Managing Editors Jacob Ramos ’26, who claims to love New U only slightly less than the San Francisco Giants, and Skylar Paxton ’26, who wakes up motivated by the Beyoncé shrine above her bed. Running the business side of New University will be Business Manager Avni Sinaga ’25, whose favorite fictional father is Dr. Doofenshmirtz. 

Leading the editing section is Copy Chief Jaheem Conley ’25, who cooks figuratively and literally, as he almost went to culinary school. Rounding out the AP style experts as Assistant Copy Editors are Jeanette Wallis ’25, who is playing the NYT games when not copy editing, and Annabelle Aguirre ’26, an avid reader of Korean literature.

2024-25 marks the return of our combined news section, spearheaded by ambidextrous News Editor Karen Wang ’27. News looks to be the largest section in the paper going into the next year, as Wang is joined by three Assistant News Editors: Beatrice Lee ’25, whose go-to boba order is some kind of citrus tea with aloe; the anagrams-addicted Victoria Le ’25; and former donut shop employee Kaelyn Kwon ’27.

The Arts & Entertainment team, led by veteran A&E Editor Lillian Beatrice Dunn ’25, brings you everything about movies, music, fashion, and more. Lillian has probably the largest author page of any New U Editor, which is unsurprising given she has read 20-22 books already this academic year. Helping further the mission of the section as Assistant A&E Editors are June Min ’26 and summer Oracle Park employee Alaina Retodo ’26

Covering UCI’s athletics and more will be Sports; the legacy of the section will be handed down to Sports Editor Benjamin Flores ’27, who was born and raised in LA and dons the middle name “Trouble”.  Alongside Flores will be Assistant Sports Editor Jack Fedor ’27, who is in his sixth year writing for a news publication. 

Bringing a fresh edge to the New U and leading Opinion will be Opinion Editor Trista Lara ’26, who has been to all 50 U.S. states. Joining Lara will be Assistant Opinion Editor Zahira Vasquez ’26, who once had to deal with a kidnapping attempt on her dog while walking the little guy. 

Serving on the New University 2024-25 Editorial Board will be Santillan, Ramos, Paxton, Conley, Dunn and Lara.

As for New University’s visual sections, co-Graphic Managers Avery Huffer ’25 and Natalie Yu ’25 are set to continue their management. Huffer celebrates her birthday on the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assasination and the Titanic’s sinking, while Yu has spent over 3,500 hours on Splatoon 3.

Beginning New University’s Video section will be Video Manager Diana Juarez ’25, who spends more time looking at her book collection than actually reading it.

Leading both Photo and Social Media will be Sarah Millington ’26, who is the proud mother of both a hamster and a cat. Joining Millington on the Social Media side will be Caroline Lu ‘26, who has already been stung by bees more than the average human will be stung in their lifetime.

New University’s 2024-25 Editorial Staff will continue the publication’s mission of providing steadfast, accurate and timely coverage to the UCI community.