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PD arrests unhoused person staying in UCI Gaza Solidarity Encampment

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[5/10/24, 7:02 PM]

The UC Irvine Police Department (UCIPD) arrested an unhoused person earlier today “on charges of illegal camping,” according to a university statement.

A source within the encampment told New University that UCI administration and police were aware of the individuals presence. According to the university statement, mental health officials were dispatched earlier in the week. The previously reported encampment source told New University that a mental health professional was dispatched to the camp. The professional is said to have described the individual as experiencing a “psychotic break.”

The unhoused individual had joined the camp sometime during the weekend, and their presence is said to have created “tension,” as previously reported. This had reportedly led to a divide between camp members about how to move forward with the situation.

“I’m glad he’s not in the encampment anymore because I’m sure a lot of people feel safer,” an encampment member who requested anonymity said to New University. “The people who felt unsafe were getting gaslit and having their feelings disregarded.”

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Editors Note: Updated for clarity

At approximately 2:30 p.m., an unhoused person, who has been staying in the Gaza Solidarity Encampment for an unspecified amount of time, was arrested by the UC Irvine Police Department (UCIPD) on May 10.

The person was detained after exiting the restroom of the Physical Science Lecture Hall. Between five and six officers assisted in detaining the individual. An anonymous source from within the encampment told New University that the individual’s presence created “tension” within the encampment over the course of the past week. 

The individual was spotted interacting with community members outside of the encampment on multiple occasions. In some cases, resulting in PD interference prior to the arrest.

This is a developing story. 

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Edited by Annabelle Aguirre.