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The 8 Best Spots to Take Grad Pics on UCI

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Graduation season is just around the corner, which means Anteaters are gearing up to don caps, gowns, stoles and tassels in anticipation of receiving their diplomas. One way for soon-to-be graduates to look back on and preserve their college memories is through graduation portraits. UCI is home to a beautiful campus that is perfect for graduation photoshoots.

Here is a list of some of the most scenic and memorable spots on campus to capture and commemorate your college days.

UCI Welcome Sign

Photo by Yinhao Zhu / Staff

Just off of Bison Avenue and Macarthur Boulevard is the grand UCI sign welcoming old and new students to campus. This is a classic and timeless photo opportunity. 

Giant Peter the Anteater Statue

Photo by Yinhao Zhu / Staff

Sitting in front of the Bren Events Center is a large bronze statue of UCI’s mascot, Peter the Anteater. This is another popular place for students to take pictures next to their beloved mascot. Peter is forever mid-stride, like Anteaters, moving towards their future. At the right angle, you can also capture the image of Peter across the street, painted on a large cooling tower, in the background. 

Peter The Anteater’s Bench

Photo by Nina Liu / Staff

Outside of the food court near the student center are two Peter the Anteater statues where you can sit next to a life-sized Peter and take fun pictures. Like students, Peter appears to be hard at work on his computer. This is the spot for some playful shots.

Statue Garden

Photo by Brennan Kraus / Staff

The statue garden is a unique and picturesque location for grad photos. You’ve most likely seen the Jao Family Sculpture Garden while taking a stroll on Ring Road. The garden is a cluster of shrubbery and white marble statues. This is the perfect place for more artsy shots. 

Aldrich Park

Photo by Jimmy Liu / Staff

Located in the center of campus, Aldrich Park is the go-to for graduation portraits. No matter the time of year, something is always in bloom. Graduating students can walk the paths, carefully if they’re in heels, and scout out spots to take the best shots. Aldrich Park features many tall trees, a variety of vibrant plants and flowers, pathways and benches with plenty of natural lighting. Anteaters can reflect on the times they picnicked, dodged oncoming bikes and walked to and from class. Anteaters looking for a nice scenic background should take photos here. 

Infinity Fountain

Photo by Nina Liu / Staff

UCI’s iconic infinity fountain is a scenic spot that many ducks call home. It is located in a small plaza close to the School of Physical Sciences facing Aldrich Park. Water often represents rebirth and change, so graduates can pose next to the fountain knowing that as their chapter comes to a close at UCI, new beginnings are just around the corner. If you’re feeling rebellious, hop in the water! 

The Anteater Express

Photo by Aasha Sendhil / Staff

Many UCI students living on or near campus rode the UCI shuttles on a daily basis to get to their classes. Re-live those sometimes unpleasant memories of rushing to catch the bus by taking some shots riding the bus for the last time!

Explore Your Part of Campus

Photo by Dianne Lee / Staff

Lastly, we encourage Anteaters to explore their major-specific part of campus and take pictures at some of their most memorable spots. Capture moments at your favorite study spot, or pose with friends in areas you’d often hang out at. Look back on these pictures for years to come and remember where it all started. All of the studying and hard work has finally paid off. 

Congratulations to the class of 2023!

Asia Boyd is a Campus News Staff Writer. She can be reached at