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Modern Makers Mart Promotes Local Businesses at Woodbury Town Center

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The Modern Makers Mart returned to the Woodbury Town Center from Saturday, Feb. 11 to Sunday, Feb. 13. 

The Modern Makers Mart is a farmers market event that frequents the cities of Yorba Linda, Irvine and Tustin. Specifically at Woodbury Town Center, the Modern Makers Mart occurs on the second weekend of each month. 

With over 40 vendors, a children’s crafting area, live music and a photo booth, the Modern Makers Mart at Woodbury Town Center is attended by many Southern California residents. 

Vendors from the community attend to promote and market their items at the Modern Makers Mart, a majority of which are handmade goods. To its vendors, the Modern Makers Mart supports the growth of their businesses.

Owners of small business Bellus Jocalia, a local Irvine boutique that sells unique handmade earrings and tote bags, Melanie Dabiola and her sister Samantha Dabiola, held a booth at the fair selling handmade earrings. 

For these owners, the Modern Makers Mart has helped their business grow.

“[There are] people that don’t have Instagram or don’t follow you or don’t follow you on other social media, so this [Modern Makers Mart] helps you just get out there,” Melanie said. “Doing these things, you tend to get more followers and it’s harder to do that online.”

Not only is displaying a booth a great way to bring traction to their independent businesses, it also brings communities together. 

“It brings out the community because people always are out here, everyone just coming through this street,” Melanie said.

The Modern Makers Mart helps promote vendors that don’t have social media. It allows vendors to run a physical display instead of merely running promotions of their products online. To have a booth, vendors are required to sign up and pay $110 for a 10 x 10 booth or 8 x 5 table for $85. The event also allows businesses to reach audiences that do not engage with social media, allowing for a more personal connection between the vendor and their customers. 

In addition to crafts and fashion businesses, the mart promotes a variety of local food vendors. 

SoCal based bakery, “Made by Yub” is one of the many businesses selling products at The Makers Mart. Owner Raven Gates, nicknamed “Yub,” either sells her pastries online by appointment or holds a physical display at local marts. 

Gates bakes sweet treats with recipes derived from her mother and grandmother’s recipes. Some of her recipes include cheesecakes, cookies and bundt cakes. Additionally, Gates provides a selection of gluten-free, “vegan” and dog-friendly options for her customers. 

When asked how the Modern Makers Mart uplifts her business, Gates stated that, “It gets me out there, it’s exposure. And then you get to meet great vendors, but over time you get to meet your clientele. People come all the time, summertime is hot, everyone’s out there.”

The Modern Makers Mart is open every weekend at various locations throughout the month. The calendar and schedule of events for each upcoming Mart can be found on their website.

Sebastian Segovia is a City News Intern for the winter 2023 quarter. He can be reached at