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Anteaters Recall What They Are Thankful For

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Many members of the UCI community reflected on what they are grateful for as they celebrated Thanksgiving on Nov. 24.

The New University spoke with several students to find out more.

First-year English student Devin Perez said that she is grateful for her mom and the “safe space” that she provides.

“She’s just very considerate and always enthusiastic about my passions,” she said. “I changed my major earlier this quarter and she was really supportive of it.” 

Second-year undeclared student Joey Soares said he is also grateful for family, and especially for his grandparents. He describes his grandparents as positive, kind and unique.

“My grandma Jeannie just finished chemotherapy after having cancer and now she’s getting back to hosting events,” he said. “My grandma Maria, who was really the grandma whom I was closest with throughout my childhood … always makes me blankets and makes us Sunday breakfast. It’s just always so nice.” 

First-year East Asian Cultures student Christell Guzman said she is thankful for her parents this Thanksgiving. 

“Being far away from my family, it’s been pretty hard but I’m grateful for their support,” shesaid. “They call me to make sure I’m OK, so that’s what I’m grateful for this year.” 

First-year economics student Brenden Lopez shared that he is grateful for many things this year. 

“I’m grateful for all the friends I made in my dorm,” he said. “I’m grateful for my family and for passing my classes.”

First-year Spanish and international studies student Olivia Mason expressed that she is also grateful for her mom this year, referring to her as “Wonder Woman” and saying she has the “biggest heart.”

“She’s a really strong person,” she said. “She’s been through a lot and she’s come out really strong on the other side and given me the life that she never got.”

UCI students, whether they went back home for the weekend or stayed on campus, made memorable memories and showed appreciation for the people around them.

Laiyla Santillan is a Campus News Intern for the fall 2022 quarter. She can be reached at