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ASUCI Kicks Off Welcome Week with Annual APAD Concert

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ASUCI hosted Aldrich Park After Dark (APAD) as part of the Welcome Week festivities on Sept. 20. The event featured performances from DJ MattyG, Keisun, Dabin and Flo Milli.

APAD was held in person for the first time since fall 2019 due to safety concerns brought on by the pandemic. According to the event’s CampusGroups page, over 10,000 students registered to attend the event.

A long line of students began to form before doors opened at 4 p.m., stretching from Langson Library to the Infinity Fountain, where the stage was set up. 

The first 1,750 students in line were offered free merchandise, including shirts and fanny packs. ASUCI also organized a tent to hand out free Rockstar energy drinks to students, and also had two food trucks present.

“APAD was a fun time and it was really nice to see everyone excited and coming together to have a good time over a shared interest of music. I’ve always loved the energy at concerts so for UCI to provide a free one on campus was really cool,” third year psychology student Sydney Le said. 

Student performers DJ MattyG and Keisun opened the event at 4 p.m. and performed until 6 p.m. They were followed by midliner Dabin and headliner Flo Milli. 

ASUCI announced the lineup of performers three days after the initial APAD announcement in a post on Instagram. 

“The reason I wanted to be in ASUCI is because of events like these. I came from a community college, so I’ve never seen anything like this before. I see a lot of people having a great time. It’s a great way to make memories, especially as a new student at UCI like myself. I think it’s a great event to come back to year after year,” ASUCI Student Services Director of Media and third year business administration student Pards Singh said. 

Throughout the night, a few students in the audience fainted and required medical attention. The large crowd in front of the stage made it difficult for guards to escort students to the first-aid tent. Dabin paused his set during one of these instances to make room for the guards to get through. 

“I know there are a lot of you, but try to be respectful. If you see someone fall down, pick them right up,” Dabin said.

By the time Flo Milli took to the stage, the concert’s attendance had reached its maximum capacity and security closed off the entrance to prevent any more students from entering. This led to the issue of students attempting to jump over the fence surrounding the concert to bypass security. 

“I think it was an organization issue because there wasn’t a capacity when you sign up online. If they knew there was going to be a capacity, why didn’t they [limit] it initially? Some of us reserved early to be able to come to the event, only to not get in,” fourth year nursing science student Jessica Ogena said. 

Despite the maximum capacity being reached, some students were still able to view the stage from outside of the venue. 

“Even with being stuck outside [people] managed to make it a good time and had their own little mosh pit. Overall, it was a fun experience and I can’t wait to see who UCI has for the next concert,” Le said. 

The next concert ASUCI will host, Summerlands Music Festival, will take place during spring quarter. 

Yuika Yoshida is a 2022-2023 Campus News Editor. She can be reached at