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Photo Gallery: ¡Las Raíces de Tu Comida!

The UCI Latinx Resource Center and the UCI Center for Black Cultures, Resources and Research put on “Las Raíces de Tu Comida” on April 27. During the all-inclusive joint event, student staff members and the organizers of the event, fourth year public health sciences student Lesley Dyanne Osorio and third year criminology, law and society student Eeron Derrall Wilson II, discussed Indigenous and Afro-Latinx culture, focusing on the origins of different types of food. 

Attendees enjoyed arepas, a common Venezuelan and Colombian dish; platanos or plantains, commonly eaten by Africana and Latinx peoples; and agua de maracuya or passion fruit juice as they listened to the presenters and later played an educational Kahoot to conclude all that they learned. They then spent time after the presentation getting to know each other and bonding over their shared Latinx backgrounds from different regions all over the world. 

Yasmine Bashiri is a Photo Intern for the spring 2022 quarter. She can be reached at