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Michelle Wei Recalled From ASUCI Presidency, Replaced By Yoseph Ghazal in Special Election

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Editor’s Note: This is a breaking news story and it will be updated as the New University receives additional information and quotes.

Former ASUCI President Michelle Wei has officially been recalled and replaced by current ASUCI President Yoseph Ghazal per results of the ASUCI Special Election which ended on Jan. 12 at 5pm.

Wei received a 77% vote in favor of her recall. 1381 of the total 1782 undergraduate voters opted to have her removed from the office of ASUCI President. 

The special election ballot included two questions. First, a mandatory yes or no question to vote on the removal of Wei from office; second, an optional question that allowed voters to choose one of four candidates that they would like to serve as ASUCI President for the remainder of the term. 

With 1208 votes, fifth year computer science major Yoseph Ghazal received more than ten times the number of votes as his fellow candidates. Second year computer science and engineering major Simar Cheema received the second highest number of votes with 116 votes, followed by fourth year computer science game student Joshua Wolfe with 107 votes. Fourth year philosophy major Wade Smith came in last with 56 votes. 

All four candidates participated in the Presidential debate held over Zoom two days before voting for the special election started, Jan. 7.

Fourth year chemistry and public health and sciences student Shayan Feiz participated in the debate, but dropped out of the election on Jan. 10.

Yoseph Ghazal has served the 2021-2022 school year so far as a Senator At-Large and Senate President. 

This special election was only voted on by 6.188% of the undergraduate population, breaking the all time low of ASUCI voter turnout which was set at 7.5% during the Spring 2021 election, the same election in which Wei was elected President.

Dhanika Pineda is the Managing Editor for the 2021-2022 school year. She can be reached at