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Learning Film During The Pandemic

Steven Foley multitasking as an actor and boom operator. He holds a boom mic above his head and a phone on the other hand.
The poster for Buhr’s film, “Cage in a Bird.” The film explores the romance between a rock guitarist, young man and his girlfriend that are struggling to live together on their own. The film premiered in the UCI Film Arts Drama Alliance 2020 Fall Gala. 
The cast and crew for the film. Stefan Buhr thanks Steven Foley, Devvie Miller, Zack White, Ryan Toulouse and Steven Potter for making the film possible and practicing safety procedures.

“This Year we have been faced with many challenges as filmmakers…No matter how the industry changes we have to find ways to adapt in order to tell our stories. For ‘Cage in A Bird’ I knew I had to keep the crew and actors to a minimum. I wrote with locations in mind that I knew I would have access to… we spent several days rehearsing, a day prelighting, and a day making sure we would have no issues with our equipment. With social distancing, we have to wear many hats and make many decisions on our own. If you look at this as work, you are going to struggle,” Buhr says about film during the pandemic.


Eve Moreno’s final project told the story of an artist who falls asleep on a Zoom call with her doctor in a virtual appointment. The story depicts her bizarre dream of learning how to skate with her doctor. Her doctor wakes her up in disappointment and furiously ends the Zoom call. 

Moreno’s iPhone records the lake view at a local park, Mary Vagle Nature Center. This was the last shot of her production day. 

This experience of learning film during a period of time, where remote learning is the only way to learn, (from the COVID-19 Pandemic) Film students have missed out on learning hands on tactical skills like using new film equipment, however, the most important part of this year was completing the required film courses, still engaging in fun film club activities, despite the restrictions of quarantine and social distancing, and learning new skills in film that aren’t restricted by the guidelines. This time being a remote filmmaker has expanded students’ creativity and pushed people in the major to be more flexible filmmakers.

Eve Moreno is a Staff Photographer. She can be reached at