An Empty Playground: West Hollywood Has Lost Its Lights

Outside the once loved WeHo favorite dance club, called Flaming Saddles. It is now closed and remains vacant.
Rage Nightclub, a once-popular destination for gay young adults 18+ on Friday nights, lay vacant from COVID-19 closures. The nightclub will not reopen after 37 years of DJ-fueled floors and drag shows for their visitors.
Mickey’s Bar and Nightclub, considered a key player in the ultimate experience of LA nightlife, known for staying open past 2 a.m., was unlike any other bar in West Hollywood.
Outdoor seating in WeHo now rendered useless.
This deserted building once housed Flaming Saddles, a gay wild western themed bar. The bar is now permanently closed and will not reopen on Santa Monica Blvd.
The Abbey, considered by many to be the heart of WeHo and is known world wide as a famous gay bar and harbors pride and LGBTQ related events on its grounds. Although it is seen to be decorated with holiday decor, the empty building is anything but festive.

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