Black Lives Matter Artwork in Downtown Los Angeles

The artwork paints a yellow “BLACK LIVES MATTER” against a black background. Each yellow hand contains a name of a Black victim of police brutality and the victim’s age at time of death. At the bottom, there is a hashtag, “#SAYTheirNames” to signify the importance of recognizing each victim’s life, their story and fighting for justice for every Black life lost to these injustices.
This artwork was painted on wood boards that were protecting the Non Factory Skate Shop. There are photos of skaters in black and white. On the bottom, there are two pigs dressed in police officer outfits. Both pigs are smiling, while one pig points their guns at a wolf protester holding a “BLACK LIVES MATTER” sign. The satirical use of animals shows the juxtaposition of cops being silly and inconsiderate, whereas the protester is angry and holds a fist up for Black justice.
The artwork is titled, “WE ARE GROWING FREE” by the artist, @AnotherSuperMoon. The Black woman’s black hair with purple highlights is glowing from the yellow sun behind her. She wears yellow hoops that match the brightness of the sun. In her torso, there is a heart wrapped in barbed wire that ignites fire at the top. The plants underneath her reflect the artist’s passion for plants. This artwork is interpreted as Black lives and Black women growing freely in the world around them; however, their identities are still being damaged, limited and discriminated against.
The artwork is painted by the artist, @JadeDrawsShit. Thel portrait of a Black woman with flowers surrounding her the Black artist’s perspective of Black women fashion and aesthetic. The four eyes is a personal touch to the artist in all her portraits.
The “Uplist & Resist” artwork is by the artist @Big__Feelings. This unique style of art presents three happy creatures surrounded by black stars and red flowers. One of the creatures holds a flag that says, “¡Las Vidas Negras Importan!” In English, the Spanish phrase translates to “Black Lives Matter!” The support of the Latina artist and the Latino community strengthens the justice for police brutality against all minorities.

Eve Moreno is a Photo Intern for the 2020 fall quarter. She can be reached at