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COVID-19 Empties UCI

Photo by Kate Rutz-Robbins/Staff.

On March 10th, Chancellor Gillman announced in a campuswide email that the UCI spring quarter will be conducted online and that students who live on campus are urged to move to their off campus residences. On winter quarter finals week, you could hear a pin drop on the nearly empty campus.

Photo by Kate Rutz-Robbins/Staff.

Langson Library hosted only the few students staying on campus whose finals are still as scheduled. In past quarters, almost all of the seats on the fourth floor of Langson Library were occupied by studying students during Tuesday of finals week. UCI Libraries announced that they will be closed starting Tuesday, March 17 at 8:00 p.m. until further notice, a hard hit for students in the middle of finals week. 

Campus resources, if not closed, are taken online. Academic counseling will not be hosting in person meetings and all campus events and meetings are canceled. Vice Chancellor Banks announced to the Anteater community that traditional June commencement has been canceled and the administration is exploring alternatives ideas. Banks said that the administration begun planning to hold in-person Commencement Ceremonies during winter break. 

Photo by Kate Rutz-Robbins/Staff.

At 1:00 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays during the quarter, UCI dining areas and food courts are usually packed with hungry Anteaters. These areas were abandoned after the Chancellor’s announcement on March 10 and the subsequent closures of non-dorm cafeterias.

The Anteatery at the Mesa Court dorms will remain open. During finals week, signs were placed stating that students must use provided to-go boxes and eat outside as limiting social gatherings have become incredibly important for the success of the flattening-curve. Students can eat outside, tables apart, in accordance with social distancing.

First year students at Mesa Court housing were encouraged by the administration to move out of the dorms for social distancing. 

Mesa Court staff took sanitary measures to protect the health of their employees while trying to make move-out as smooth as possible.

Photo by Kate Rutz-Robbins/Staff.

On Tuesday, March 17, at 2:26 p.m., Orange County Health Officer ordered that all public gatherings of any number of people outside of the household would be prohibited. This prohibits all activities that are not “Essential Activities.”

Kate Rutz-Robbins is a 2019-2020 Photography Co-Editor. She can be reached at