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If You’re An “Office” Fan, You Have To Listen To The “Office Ladies” Podcast

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By: Ayanna Cuevas

Photo Courtesy of: “Office Ladies” Podcast/ Earwolf

Even though “The Office” last aired in 2013, it has kept its popularity today in 2019. A successful show like this has led fans to crave “The Office” facts and stories on what went on behind-the-scenes. Finally the wait is over. 

“Office” fans should not miss out on this brand new podcast featuring “Office” co-stars and real-life best friends, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. The co-stars did the ultimate recap podcast in which they break down each episode of “The Office” and bring fans behind-the-scenes. The first episode of the podcast aired on Oct. 15 and centered around what happened during the filming of the Pilot episode.

The podcast begins with Fischer and Kinsey being very excited about working together on a project that “The Office” fans greatly appreciate. Just like the show’s fans, the actresses mentioned the nostalgia they feel when reminiscing about their time there. In particular, Kinsey revealed she felt nostalgic when looking through photos of the cast she found in her shed. Much to the listeners’ surprise, Fischer has not watched most episodes since they aired, but she is very excited to go back for the sake of the fans. The actresses definitely felt some “Office” pride when they declared themselves “nerdy fans” of their own show.  

Here are some highlights of the premiere.  

Steve Carell is not on Comedian Mode 24/7.  

As explains Fischer, “He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.” No, he doesn’t make jokes all the time but he did have an influence in making Michael Scott a funny character. The actresses talk about when the director approached Carell and asked him who he thought Micheal Scott’s heroes would be. Now, die-hard “Office” fans know one of Scott’s iconic answers to that question: “Bob Hope. Umm, Abraham Lincoln definitely. Bono… and probably God would be the fourth one.” 

Jim and Pam’s relationship was meant to be the heart of the show. 

Unlike the United Kingdom version of “The Office,” in which each season was only six episodes, the director and writers of the American version wanted it to be longer. So thanks to this plan, the audience got to explore the wonderful love story of Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. Fischer comments on the flirtation between the characters and how she enjoyed the little twist at the end of the episode where the audience finds out after all this flirtation that Pam is engaged! 

The Interviews 

Originally, the individual interviews in the conference room were exercises for the actors to further develop their character. So there was no script; it was purely improvised. Fischer brings up how in the Pilot the accountants (Angela, Oscar and Kevin) were already “trash talking” each other. Thus, they were building a trio dynamic that the audience would get to see further develop throughout the show.

Throughout the podcast the actresses would bring up fast facts of the show. Plenty were scattered in just the first episode. This particular episode was 50 minutes so there was a lot to learn from the show. 

Although the beginning of the podcast felt forced and scripted rather than natural, they move past this throughout the podcast. Each time they recall a moment of the show they easily add to each other’s stories, allowing the conversation to flow naturally.

In addition, the actresses welcome the audience to contribute to their podcasts by sending any questions of past episodes to with the episode title in the subject line. 

New podcast episodes will be released weekly and “Office” fans can also follow the podcast on Instagram and Twitter at @officeladiespod and