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On Father’s Day, Remember the Optimist That Believes in You!

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It’s almost Father’s Day, and I have the best story to tell you. Once upon a time, the women in our family came across a tarantula outside the house near the front door. My dad rushed to our rescue and swept it away. Later, my mom said to him, ‘It was so big! It could have bitten us!’ To which he replied, ‘What? That little thing?’ So, my mom said, ‘Well, then it could have slipped into the house under the door.’ And he answered, ‘What? That big thing?’ That’s my dad, the best of the optimists. Now that I’m back at UCI, I know something more about that story than I ever realized before. I believe, now, that it’s good to be an optimist, because often enough you’re … right!
Perhaps some students will think it’s a bit foolish to keep your hopes up in such frightening times. But I have to reply, the more years you spend in the world, the more you see and learn … the better you might feel about things. We come into this world with the deck stacked in our parents’ favor