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112 Makes It ‘Hot and Wet’

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What do you do when you’ve made three double-platinum albums? That’s easy, you go for a fourth.
Nov. 18 marks the release of ‘Hot and Wet,’ Atlanta quartet 112’s fourth album and invariably their attempt at a fourth-consecutive double-platinum album. With their smooth vocals and seamless harmonies, ‘Hot and Wet’ is 112’s first album on their new label, Def Jams Records.
The motivational Mike Keith, laid-back Q Parker, flashy Slim Seandrick and in-house producer Daron Jones sum to the vocals and moves that are 112. Having a quartet is advantageous because there’s someone to sing each of the high, middle and low harmonies in addition to someone singing the lead.
1996 is when 112 began the hip-hop, R&B, soul revolution that would forever change the industry and set a precedent for artists to come.
Self-entitled ‘112’ was released in 1996, followed by 1998’s ‘Room 112.’ 2001 yielded ‘Part III.’ Over
the years 112 has released wildly successful singles including ‘Cupid,’ ‘Anywhere,’ ‘Only You’ and ‘Peaches and Cream.’
So how will this album be different from the previous three?
‘I don’t feel like it’s going to differ,’ Keith said. ‘It’s just going to be same 112 that we’ve been giving you since ’96. We feel like we’re the innovators of hip-hop and R&B as far as groups go because if you go back to ’96, who else is still here and has been doing it like 112 has? Nobody really.’
112 has, however, experimented a little bit on this album. Made famous for their sultry ballads or dance-inducing beats, ‘Hot and Wet’ has a spicy reggae-inspired single, ‘Na Na Na Song.’
‘We tried to go against the grain a little bit, and that’s where ‘Na Na Na’ came from, but we’ll be honest with you