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Raising Children: Suburban Life vs. Urban Life

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Pro Suburban
The places where we grow up play a huge part in the people we become. We’re all shaped by a combination of our parents’ teachings and the environment where we were raised. No matter how good a parent is, a child will always be influenced by his environment.
If a family lives in an urban neighborhood where their children are exposed to a wide range of experiences at an early age, the children are bound to be negatively affected. They witness a shooting, learn about drug dealing and cross traffic-ridden streets just in the process of walking to their under-funded schools.
How do these experiences benefit a child’s youth? People become products of their environment, and if they are exposed to violence and crime, they, in turn, will likely perpetuate these trends.
It is because of this undesirable exposure to deviance brought on by urban living that makes it important for families who have the means to do so to raise their children in suburban areas away from city life.
Suburbia most often consists of a group of planned communities, where residential areas are distinctly separate from business districts.
These communities are normally family-oriented, with a variety of programs aimed at positive child growth, learning and enrichment. Most often there are soccer fields and softball programs at the local parks, Girl Scout troops that meet in every neighborhood and storybook reading at the public library.
Suburban communities are also typically more tightly-knit. They consist of families who come from similar backgrounds